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  1. Introduction to motion and say block, sound blocks
  2. Looks blocks, coordination of sprites, change direction and costumes
  3. Learn about events and make variables
  4. Control sprite with keyboard keys
  5. Learn about sensing blocks, if-else
  6. Input and output,arithmetic operators, math functions
  7. Random numbers, relational operators
  8. Uploading and drawing sprites
  9. Logical operators, string operators
  10. Loops


11. Cloning Concept
12. Make Your Own Blocks
13. Speech And Translate Extension, Pen Extension
14. Gesture Based Sensing (Video Sensing), Music Extension
15. Interactive Puzzles (Implementing Functions)
16. List
17. Implementing list to make games
18. CS5OS Week 1,2
19. CS5OS Week 3,4
20. CS5OS Week 5
21. CS5OS Week 6
22. CS5OS Week 7
23. CS5OS Week 8
24. CS5OS Week 9
25-30. Real time system modelling using Hardware(Aurdino/Micro bit)

* It may vary based on child’s learning pace.

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    Parents Speak for us...

    I love my teacher very much since she always makes the classes very interesting and engaging. It has been quite a valuable learning experience For me•

    -Devang Kundu, 8 years, Dubai

    Excellent platform to learn coding. I am proud to say my child is received the certificate from Havard university.

    Aloknanda Kundu
    (Mother Of Devang Kundu, Age 10 Years) UAE