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Course content

  1. Introduction to Programming
  2. Operators, Precedence and Associativity
  3. Number Systems
  4. Control Structures – if, if-else, if – else if – else, switch case
  5. Loops
  6. Jump statements and labels
  7. Functions/Modules
  8. Recursion
  9. Arrays (Single and 2-dimensional arrays)
  10. Types of Variables – Local, instance and class variables
  11. Classes and Objects
  12. Polymorphism, Encapsulation
  13. Strings
  14. Inheritance
  15. Abstract class and Interface
  16. Generics
  17. Introduction to Collections (Vector, List, ArrayList, Map, Queue, Set)
  18. Exception Handling
  19. File Handling
  20. Swing API
  21. Building Raspberry Pi Applications CUP
  22. Capstone Project
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    -Shresta Jha , (AP Computer Science), USA

    I like it• Very helpful and i do good in school with the help i get• l enjoy it and i have learned a lot• l am very happy with the service provided

    -Sunil Jha (Parent of Shresta)

    Techmentry is teaching my child to become an independent problem solver. She looks forward to every class, and likes the homework and extra practice.